National Duck Dog Challenge
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Cheyenne Belle Wins Youth Division

Frequently Asked Questions

In Blackjack competitions, is each day a separate event?
Yes. Each day is a separate event consisting of two series in each division.

Can I enter the same dog more than one time at an event?
You can enter the same dog in each division each day. A dog can be entered twice each day in Hunter if the handler is changed. In Youth a dog can be entered multiple times as long as the handler is changed.

If my dog breaks or fails a retrieve am I out of the competition?
No. This is a scored event not a judged event. If your dog breaks bird hunting do you take him home? You will receive a point deduction but will continue to play until both series are completed. If your dog is having trouble finding a bird, help them out. Take the partial retrieve and continue to play.

Can I use a designated shooter?
Yes. A designated shooter is permitted in hunter and youth divisions.

Can my dog wear a training collar? (Rule 21)
E-collars can be worn but not activated.

What is the difference between a Blackjack Event and a Fundraiser Event?
Fundraiser Events are team challenges only. The rules for fundraiser events are based on the team rules. Fundraiser events allow each dog to be entered twice.

If you have questions concerning rule or how the events run please contact us.

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