National Duck Dog Challenge
"Sporting Clays with your Dog"
The Duck Hunter's Dog Game

Cheyenne Belle Wins Youth Division


Check out our latest video that shows how much fun the NDDC events are. It also shows the requirements of the events and the descriptions of the divisions.

The National Duck Dog Challenge is a game for competitive dog handlers, shooters, and bird hunters.

The Duck Dog Challenge utilizes remotely launched simulated dummy birds that have an attached target that you actually shoot. When hit, the exploding target has the visual effect of a hard hit bird. Unlike sporting clays, this target is designed for your gun dog to retrieve!  Our events are open to all breeds of dogs, registered or not.

The National Duck Dog Challenge is a sport that allows players to earn prize money, awards and recognition for handlers and their dogs. It is a great way to keep the shooter and his dogs training year round.

In cooperation with landowners, dog clubs, organizations, and preserve owners across the United States and Canada we are making the National Duck Dog Challenge the biggest game in competition shooting and dog events.

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